Molly’s Folly

  Howdy Folks!

Welcome to my little cabin, why this ol place brings me back some mighty fine memories of the good old days with me and J.J.

You may know me as Molly Brown- The Unsinkable Molly Brown! But my friends all call me Maggie. After my death,  some city slicker from New York city wanted to make a Broadway show about me and he thought Molly went better for his show than my given name.

An as far as that “Unsinkable” part… why that’s all hog wash too, that also was added after I died. Not nobody whilst I was livin ever said none of that stuff. Why even my husband’s name was changed by Hollywood, they made a movie about us and called him Johnny, I kinda like it though!

You might know the story about me and Johnny, hows we was poor folks. I had come to Colorado to find me a rich mining husband, but I fell in love with my Johnny instead. We were so poor in those early years. But my Johnny had a real nack for finding gold! Kinda a funny story, that there movie they made in Hollywood about me showed me hiding a bunch of paper money in an old pot belly stove, which then Johnny lit a fire in the stove and burnt up our riches.

Well that’s not all correct, back then us miners didn’t trust the government printed paper money, gold was the kurensee.

I did hide our riches in the stove and Johnny did lite a fire and we had to smelt that stove to get our gold back. I learned me a lesson on that I did. So I tried me a different hidin spot.

Problem is, I just can’t remember where?

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